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Shannon-Rose Clack

Writer, Editor, Freelance Journalist & Podcaster


A Bit About Me

Meet Shannon Clack

Last year my best friend and I co-created a news and views platform, Angels' News Network, to showcase our video and audio news packages, as well as host our flagship bi-monthly podcast, Angels' Podcast. In series one we covered all topics from sexual health to the US elections, and so far in series two we have had an astrologer on to predict the future events of 2021, and spoken to an androgynous model/actor/activist about gender norms.

My freelance work, internships, and stint as editor of The Vegan Review (TVR) have allowed the publication of my copy in TVR, the Eastern Daily Press, Norwich Evening News, Fifty, and Carrot Magazine. I have experience in everything from first-person profiles of 50-something musicians, to multi-source features about small business owners in lockdown, short pieces on beloved café closures, and restaurant reviews.

I also enjoy writing creatively; poetry, non-fiction and prose, predominantly. You can find examples of this on my website under 'writing samples'. I tend to follow the teachings of the Godfather of creative non-fiction (so said Vanity Fair), Lee Gutkind. Though my true inspiration is the late, great Graham Greene, whose novella The End of The Affair is my all-time favourite book. He too was both a journalist (literary editor of the Spectator, for example) and author.

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'I still haven't stopped smiling' - Norwich fans on memorable win over Man City

September 16, 2019

After an unexpected win over a much wealthier team, I spoke to Norwich's locals about what that win meant to them.

Published in the EDP.

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